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Question: I have connected a networking (CAT-5) cable from my computer to another. It says that the cable is unplugged. Why?

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Okay, so you plugged in a normal CAT-5 cable from your computer to another. Your trying to play a game with a friend or share or download files off the targeted computer you connected the two cables too, but your computers display that the network adapter's cable is still unplugged. You see this message most likely near your Windows clock or System Tray.

Likely you are using a standard CAT-5 cable (called a "straight-thru" CAT-5 cable) that is designed to connect a computer to a hub/router/switch or directly to a cable modem. You will need a non-standard CAT-5 cable (called a "crossover" or "cross connect" CAT-5 cable) to setup a direct computer to computer network (Peer to Peer Networking). You can find these at your local computer hardware store but just make sure you buy the one that says [Crossover] or [Cross Connect] or you'll end up buying the same cable you had before. These may be harder to find now a days as this method of networking is pretty much phased out and not used as much as it used to be during my Quake 1 and Duke Nukem multiplayer days with my buddy next door in the early 1990's. Once you have the correct CAT-5 Cable inserted from your computer to the computer you want to network to you should see a new message that looks like the following:

Your network adapter is now plugged in.

Then you should be good to go, not much else to it. Make sure your basic Protocols are installed like TCP/IP, and maybe NetBui or IPX/SPX.

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