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Help & Solutions: Help for hal.dll. hal.dll is missing! How do I fix this? Restore hal.dll right here!

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This blog will contain ideas and information about hal.dll gathered from various websites. hal.dll is a hidden system file that multiple versions of Microsoft Windows uses to allow windows to communicate with your computer or servers hardware devices.

hal.dll can be removed, deleted, corrupted, served for multiple known and unknown reasons. Typical errors you might see involving hall.dll will look as followed:

Hal.dll Error Message (1)
* "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
* \system32\hal.dll.
* Please re-install a copy of the above file."

Hal.dll Error Message (2)
* Winnt_root>\System32\Hal.dll missing or corrupt:
* Please re-install a copy of the above file."

Hal.dll Error Message (3)
* "Cannot find \Windows\System32\hal.dll"

Hal.dll Error Message (4)
* "Cannot find hal.dll"

What do these indicate or mean exactly?

The [missing or corrupt hal.dll] error populates shortly after the computer has been first booted up. Windows XP has not yet fully loaded when this error message appears.

How did this happen, or what could I have done to cause this?

Causes of the [missing or corrupt hal.dll] error include, a corrupted hal.dll file or a hal.dll file that has been deleted or moved from its original location or placement. Such actions will cause corruption or damage to be inflicted upon the boot.ini file of the computer or server, or even physically harmed the hard disk/hard drive it's self in some situations.

What are the ways I can attempt to restore or fix this?

[I] Reboot the your computer or server. You could get lucky, maybe it some kind of glitch caused by a plug in play device you had inserted as of recent.

[II] Check your computers BIOS and make sure your device order is in proper standing and setup as it should be. Sometimes, a hal.dll message can be displayed if you have something else selected besides a hard drive/hard disk as your first boot option.

[III> Insert your Windows XP System restoration disk and attempt to make a restore using command prompt.

[IV] Replace or attempt to repair the hal.dll file. For some reason, this step seems to work for most users with a hal.dll issue in recent reports around the Internet for some reason.

[V] You can try to create or write a new boot sector to the Windows Operating System partition it's self. If partition boot sector has become corrupt or not properly configured, the end result will be a hal.dll error.

[VI] You can try to see if you are able to restore the hal.dll file from your Microsoft Windows XP installation diskette. If the issue is caused by hal.dll directly, restoring this file should fix the error messages in regards to hal.dll.

[VII] Again, get your your Microsoft Windows XP installation diskette insert it into your computer, and run a repair installation. This action will replace or restore and important missing or damaged system files on your computer or server.

[VIII] If all other attempts end in a complete failure, go ahead and run a brand new installation of Windows onto your computer or server. This should remove everything regarding the previous installation of Windows and give you a fresh start to work with. However, please remember to back up all of your important programs and files people! Don't be stupid and use your head.

[IX] In the event of an epic failure and none of the above seems to work, this means you are pretty much screwed or in big trouble at least. See if you can replace the hard drive with a new or used one. Try removing all newly installed hardware to find out what piece of hardware is giving Windows such a hard time. There are very few cases where it comes this, but it does so look out!

If you would like to give us any suggestions about this error you are more than welcome to by making a comment submission at the bottom of this blog page. If the information because useful I will give credit where it's due and put your ideas or solution into the blog along with all of the others. I thank you all for reading and please use the search function in the upper right corner of this blog to find help and answers to any other computer questions you may have.