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Question: Where is ScanDisk located at in Windows XP? I can't find it anywhere.

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Trying to find where ScanDisk is at on your computer using Microsoft Windows XP? Well stop looking! Seriously, it's not there anymore. Microsoft thought it would be a brilliant idea to remake this tool and call it CheckDisk when Windows XP was being developed.

Ok, where is CheckDisk at then?

To run CheckDisk please perform the following instructions:

1.) Click on the [ Start Menu ].
2.) Click on [ Run ].
3.) Type in: CHKDSK into the run field and then click on [ OK ].

There is another way of opening CheckDisk:

1.) Click on My Computer and just right click on any drive you want to scan and choose [ Properties ]
2.) Then choose the [ Tools ] tab and finally click on [ Check Now.

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