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Contacting The Administrators

There are many ways of contacting a website Administrator. Below are the many methods you can use. Starting with number "1.)" will be the most recommended method of making contact. If you need to make a immediate request proceed with a method further down the list. Please do not abuse the methods listed below. If we feel your inquiry could have been handled more professionally, it will be ignored all together.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ABUSE: All abuse issues may be sent only to abuse $at$ computerquestionhelp $dot$ com.

1.) Submit a new thread in the forums. You will find a category or section to make contact with a Administrator or Moderator.
2.) Send a Moderator or Administrator a Private Message using the forums. If you cannot find a name to send the message too, you may use the screen name Computer Help.
3.) You may send a email to administrator $at$ computerquestionhelp $dot$ com.
4.) You may post a comment in the article or forum thread you have a question in. Though, this information is regularly monitored, it can take up to 48 hours to receive a response depending on the day of the week.

The following list above, should provide ample information to make correct and necessary contact if need be. This page is open for Guest comments, but it is not regularly checked on by the Administrators. Thank you for visiting!

Hi, I'm interested in buying your website speed test script.

Hi, I'm interested in buying your website speed test script. Please contact me at thanks!

Help me get incoming and outgoing mails in outlook

Dear Sir,
please help my to get my incoming and outgoing mails throuh my outlook when i click it give error code #0x800cccc0f.