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Free Tips to Fix your Computer and Internet Speed without Paying for any Software or Services!

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Bring your Computer and Internet Speed back to Normal

Quick Overview:

Everyone has seen those pop up ad's that we all hate all over the Internet, promising to clean up your computer, and restore functionality, for free. Then you find out the hard way, like others have. Sure, it's a free download, but it only scans or tells you what needs to be fixed and it's time for you to pay up if you want it removed. Most of these kind of programs and companies that run them, pray on the weak. Let's face it, there are still a lot of you who have no idea what your doing, like a deer running in front of headlights. Don't worry, everyone exceeds in life being good at different things, and being Technical Savy is not for everyone.

I'm here to explain and show all of you reading, how you can restore your computers speed, restore your internet speed, clean out all of the junk files like spy ware, and other malicious things that you could be infected with without knowing. Just because you might be running some kind of Anti Virus or Firewall/Internet Protection software, does not exclude these kind of things from clogging up your computer. The best thing about the tips I'm about to tell you is, you don't pay anything! All of the information I'm about to reveal won't cost you a single penny to use!

Don't let Software Companies Run with your Money!


All of tips that I will go over below should be followed in order. This is so less time is wasted going over things that might not matter in your particular situation. I will start with the most common and obvious ways of restoring your Computer and Internet Surfing speed. This way, you can get back and running as quickly as possible. I will be go over things with the assumption that you might be having speed issues with your Internet, Computer Use, and Computer Boot time. I will also assume that you are a Windows user being 90% of the readers here are using a variation of Microsoft Windows of some kind. If you use a different Operating System like Linux, Symbian, MacOS 11x, or other, you can request to have a article written in your favor by submitting a inquiry. If you have questions, please submit them in our forums by clicking the link at the top of the website.

Before making any kind of changes on your computer you should do two things to prevent any kind of damage.
1.) Create a restoration point in Windows.
2.) Create a full back up of all your files.
You may follow the link below if you need instructions on to perform any of the above actions:

Tips explained in orderly fashion

Stay away from those programs claiming to (Optimize) your computers performance!

In my 14 years of experience using the Internet, I have never found a program where after installation, it would increase my computer's performance speed or internet speed. I'm not doubting that there may be a few that might help a little bit, but I'm only speaking from personal experience. What good is a small significant change when my download/upload speed is provided at a stable rate? Cable Modem subscribers can agree with me here. One day, we can download about 4MB/Sec depending on the web site's server being visited, and the next day it could be 1.5MB/Down on the same web site server. Please note that I am not talking about cleaning types of software. Cleaning types of software is just what it sounds like. You run the program one time, clean up the junk, reboot, and notice performance increase. What I'm concerned with is those so called programs out there that claim to work like magic just by simply executing them in your computer's background. In my opinion, these fake "magical" programs are just not worth the effort, time and money. Most them are Spyware in themselves anyways! Designed to Collect data, personal, and other statistical information. These kinds of programs will then go behind your back and send frequent reports to strangers about your computer and actions. Most will also try to lure you in by telling you what is wrong with your computer. Unless you pay for the upgrade or purchase a trial, the program will not fix the problems it found on your computer.

Spyware Removal

This number one cause for computer slow downs and random operating system errors in my opinion. If your Computer or Internet Connection has been dragging recently, it's safe to say that you should scan your computer for Spyware on all drives. Don't waste your money on Spyware Removal software. There's plenty of quality free software that does just as good as a job, if not better than what you can buy in the store or online. I'll list the one I use for my Spyware Removal problems below for you. I do recommend using something to block Spyware Hi-Jack Attempts. I use a combination of AVG's Internet Security and a Spybot Search & Destroy module called 'Tea-Timer'. These kinds of things monitor anything that tries to insert registry keys and changes without your permission. When your registry is changed, it's what cause's you all of the errors and slow up's that you see during your computer experience. Below are a few instructions you should follow to check your computer for any kind of malicious Spyware on your computer.

1.) First thing you will want to do is download Spybot Search & Destroy. You will want to download this program and perform the installation. This is freeware, so you won't have to pay for any kind of licensing fees, although donations are suggested if you find great use out of this program:

Download Link:
Size Approx: 14.4 MB

You can choose from any of the download mirrors listed in the link above. If the one you click doesn't download, then move on to the next mirror and try to download it.

2.) The installation is pretty straight forward and you shouldn't have any problems with it. Once you have it installed, you will want to make sure your Spyware library list is updated. Go ahead and perform any updates that the program suggests under the 'Updates' tab in the program. You may have to enable [Advanced Mode] in one of the top tabs of the program. New Spyware and Malicious programs are developed each day, and there's new ways of detecting it on your computer. The only way Spybot Search & Destroy will know how to find these new Spyware programs, is by consistently updating the library list. I would suggest checking for updates every 3-4 weeks or so.

3.) Now perform a FULL scan on your computer and make sure all of your drives are checked to be scanned. You may ignore having your DVD/CD-ROM drives from being scanned, as data cannot be modified on these devices unless burned. If your end result shows no Spyware found and you don't see any warnings, you should move on to the next part of this article. If the scan came up with some warnings or infections of any kind, you should click the check box next to each found infection and ask Spybot to attempt to remove them, then continue to instruction (4.) below. Otherwise, move on to (Repair and Restoration of your Registry) below.

4.) You attempted to remove everything and now your in one of two positions. The first being Spybot was able to remove all of the infections, or the second being Spybot could not remove some of the found infections. No matter what your position is, you should perform these next step's as it's very vital for good computer health and speed. First I will explain a little bit why this next step is necessary. Some of these infections/spyware are currently running as a processes in the background of your system without you even knowing. As you might already know, you can't delete a file or program if it's in use or running. This means you cannot get rid of some of the infections on your computer while your operating system is in use. Even if you think you might have removed them all, sometimes they will sneak by and trick Spybot into thinking it was removed when it really wasn't. This is why I am urging each person who has ever been infected by spyware, to perform this next action. Regardless if you think it was all removed or not, you should still continue!

Step A: Shutdown your computer, do not 'reboot'. You want to completely shut down your system for about 30 seconds without power. This will allow more than enough time your ram to flash and empty out.

Step B: Turn the computer back on while hitting the 'F8' key every 3 seconds or so. Eventually, you will be asked or prompted to enter into Windows Safe Mode, Normal Mode, or maybe a Recovery Prompt. At this time you can stop hitting the 'F8' button consistently. Quickly select Windows Safe Mode and allow Windows to load into Safe Mode.

Step C:Once everything is good to go, open up Spybot Search & Destroy once again and repeat the same Full Scan that you ran while you were in normal Windows mode. If infections are found, check all of them and choose to have Spybot remove them. If no infections were found, you should be safe and free from most Spyware infections!

Step D: Now that everything has been removed, you can then reboot the computer and Windows should default back to booting in normal mode as usual. If your still having problems with speed, you will want to continue reading further steps in this article.

Stopping programs from loading when your system boots up

This is probably the number one issue for being responsible for peoples computer taking minutes and sometimes even a hour to boot up your operating system. Luckily, this really isn't a big deal to address. I figured the best way to explain how to do this would be by having you viewers watch a movie demo that I inserted below from YouTube:

Windows Vista Users should click play on this video by PcWizKid to remove Start Up Programs from Vista below:

Windows 98/XP Users should click play on this video by PcHelpLine to remove Start Up Programs from Windows XP/98 or earlier versions:

Repair and Restoration of your Registry

If your using a variation of the Windows Operating system, registry is a vital and important factor in keeping your computers performance up to par. You can easily test this yourself with a old computer you might have laying around. If you were to install a fresh copy of windows, and then install (75) random programs and then uninstall them, you would be able to see at least a 150% difference in the computer's performance. This is because some program uninstallers don't uninstall and remove all of the registry information that was put into the registry during the initial installation.

When something like this happens, it clutters your computers registry up with garbage. Your computer looks to the registry for information when you open programs, close programs, change settings, enter data, and mainly, when your computer boots up. If your computer is taking a long time to boot up when it shouldn't be, then your probably a victim of this. A unhealthy registry can lead to programs taking too long to load or open and even slow your internet connection speed. What good is your expensive computer if it's not what you paid for?

Let's clean your Registry for free!

Download Clean My Registry (portable) 4.3:

*NOTE* You must be registered to download files from our website. Registration is free and prevents file theft on our website.

Requirements: Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Size: 1.16 MB

This program does not need any kind of installation. Simply download and extract the zip file above. Run the program inside the extracted folder and scan your registry. This program is free and very simple to use. You can copy this folder to other computers on a flash drive and clean the registry of all of your computers. I'm betting you'll be surprised to see how much garbage is taking over your computer's registry!

Restoring your website browsing speed:

Sometimes there are a few things that Internet Surfers fail to do routinely which can result in your Internet Speed being reduced and strange things happening within your web browser.

1.) Frequently clear your Web Browser's cache. If you use Internet Explorer, this may other wise known as Temporary Internet Files. I remember a specific bug with Internet Explorer that causes all downloaded images to download as (.bmp) files instead of JPG, GIF, or whatever format image your trying to download. Just by clearing your browsers cache, you can fix these kinds of problems. I would suggest cleaning it out at least once a month.

2.) Some of you may be using web browser tools bars. Sometimes, I will use the Google or SEO toolbar in my browser. These tool bars inject additional menus and customizable settings near the top of your web browser. Often times installing new programs such as AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) will install their own toolbar by default unless you disabled during the installation wizard. I cannot urge how important it is that you have limited to no toolbars with your web browser if possible. These toolbars can conflict with many things, such as web browser loading times, surfing speed, and can conflict with other programs resulting in random errors you may not be familiar with.

3.) Choosing a web browser is very important. It seems that people usually go along with what they might be used too. In this case, I'm talking about Internet Explorer. Many people still choose to use Internet Explorer because it comes with Windows. This has some major downsides and not many upsides. One of the biggest downside being that it's the number one target for people who make Spyware and hacker exploitation.

Internet Explorer causes lots of problems because when you install windows, IE is so weak and not updated against most of the known exploits. I recently made the change from IE to Firefox and I love it. Google Chrome came out not to long ago as well. I would definitely be using it but I rely on Firefox's spell checking module for work reasons. If it wasn't for work, I would definitely be using Google Chrome. I have (visually) seen a major increase in web site loading time myself. You can read the small review I wrote on Google Chrome here:

For a Web Browser, I would suggest using anything but Internet Explorer. There are tons of free web browsers out there that you can download and use for free. Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Netscape are all great web browsers. If your dead set on using Internet Explorer, I would definitely suggest using the most updated version at the least. This will provide you with some security at a minimum.

The power of Tweak UI...

After Microsoft got tired of answering tickets and emails on how to perform simple actions that would normally be done through your Registry Editor in Windows, they released a utility called 'Tweak UI'. You can download Tweak UI from the following link: I'm sorry but it doesn't appear one has been released for Vista, or if it's even needed. Installation is pretty straight forward. If your having trouble with installation, please refer to the website above where you downloaded it for further instructions or support.

Now you are probably wondering on how you can use this program to tweak your Windows Operating System into running more effectively or resulting in faster speed? There are quite a few ways of doing this so I left this link below for you to review. This link contains detailed instructions on what should be changed and how to perform the required actions in Tweak UI until we have some spare time to write our own with more information for you.

Tweak UI Windows Optimization Tips:

Still need some help?

If your still having problems, you can register a free account on the left navigation menu of this web site. This free account will allow you to visit the forums and post a question at this link: Responses are usually given with in 24 hours or so. It's important that you provide all the details to reduce us from having to ask for additional details to give you a accurate suggestion to your question or problem.


Do you know of any other information we should add to this article? Do you think something should be changed or removed? We would love to hear from you. You can leave a anonymous comment below, or use your registered account and submit your inquiry in our forums. We love hearing from other people on how we can improve our website or articles. Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Thank You

Just wanted to compliment your abilities!! I've been going crazy trying to figure out why my computer was so slow - I followed your guidelines and everything seems to be working wonderfully. No other site had all this insight. My sincere gratitude.