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Participation is always welcomed and rewarded at!

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How you can Participate on this website?

Many of you may be wondering how you can participate and support with donating any money. The most obvious would be by simply just contributing to forum threads and answering other users questions. As long as the conversations are on topic, we are very liberal about the discussions and the content production that takes place on the site and forum posts.

Other ways you can participate are:

1.) Reporting any abuse, spam, and obscene information posted by other users. Information that is misguided or content that's grossly incorrect, with multiple reputable sources as confirmation of this.
2.) Some registered users may not know that their username on the main website and forums is tied together. No additional registration is needed and your password and username remains the same for both login screens. You can use this account to submit your own articles on the main web page for hundreds of viewer who view this site daily. You may submit a forum thread, or contact a Moderator if you need further instructions on this.
3.) Posting educational, yet computer or technology information on the forums or through the form of article.

Users who we notice that are regularly participated may be rewarded depending on the level of their participation. This can be in the form of free monthly hosting with free domain registration with no advertisements. Monthly payouts if you become a regular article writer. Access to other resources not available to other registered users. These resources would include free website templates, graphics, well guarded secrets in SEO, and web development, and more.

We're not looking for people to try to make a job or a living out of helping out around here every once and awhile. We just ask that you be yourself and help out where others fail too. We are always open to suggestions and comments on how we can improve. If you feel we can do so, please contact us by leaving a comment, or following this link:

Thank you,

Lost in too many words, not enough direction...

Sorry to be asking, but I do not understand the sign-in, log-on, instructions at all! Two days now I have been trying to find where I put in my information on changing the password received by email, and cannot see the box I think I should be seeing, or direction to the place where I am supposed to put this info.

I'm sure this "Comment" box is not the box I was looking for, but it is the only one that has "popped up" so far! Aren't the columns to the left and right sides of the visible web page "commercials" like all the other webpages I've ever seen? Where are the simple "steps", like, #1. Go to blah,blah blah. #2. enter your user name on line "A" (or in box #2)... and so forth?

After I send this email to you, I know I will have to create another new name and password as I have no idea how I got here, or how to get back to this same message box, or what my password even is! And your directive says "this is a onetime only usage...' But I know I would really like to come back and ask questions galore on my many Vista, MS email system and more issues!

Do hope someone can help lead me through the forest!!!


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Instructions for creating your account.

Hello Josie,

It appears that you are currently logged in already. When you visit this site and login, you will not be asked to login again unless your login session expires on your computer.

The account creation is pretty straight forward. I will explain them in details below for you.

1.) Register your account, by clicking "Create New Account" on the left menu.
2.) A email will be dispatched to your account. Login to your email account and read the email. This is where the message says you can only use this password once. This is only a temporary password that has been randomly generated. Below the random password, you will notice text similar to this:
You may also login by clicking on this link or copying and pasting it in
your browser:
*NOTE* Please do not click the above link as it will not work. This is only meant as a example of what is displayed in the email that's dispatched after creating your account for the first time.

When you click on the link that looks similar to the one above in your email, you are taken to the place where you can set your own password that's easy for you to remember. In other words, clicking that link takes you to the password modification spot to set your own password.

3.) After changing your password, you should still be logged into the website. You can test your account by clicking the "Log Out" link on the left Menu, and then log back in if you wanted too.

That's all there is too it. This account will allow you to post Comments to articles such as what you have done now, and you can post your questions in the forums. You can visit the forums directly by visiting or there are many clickable links at the top of the website to take you there. It's not necessary to create a additional account for the forums.

I know it may be a bit challenging for those who are not Computer Savy. I will take your considerations and think about upgrading the site to a more traditional sense. Meaning you would be able to set your custom password when registering, instead of being given a random password to be forcefully changed later on.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.