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Product Review: What you need to consider and understand before commiting to the Magic Jack 30 Day Trail!

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You need to read this if your considering the Magic Jack 30 Day Trail or Purchasing the Service Long Term!

Good or Bad? You be the Judge and tell us why!

I have had personal experience with Magic Jack myself. A close relative ordered it and I helped her with setting it up to work on her older phone jacks in her home. Everything went well but during the process I noticed a few things about Magic Jack. The company "Magic Jack" is owned, managed, and operated by Dan Borislow. Dan Borislow has a past interest in dealing with Discounted Internet Services.

1.) The program needed to keep the phone line open hogs up an immense amount of resources at times. This may depend on the hardware used on the system running the software. The word on the net is their software requires a maximum of 80KB throughput on your internet connection when the service is in use. If your going to commit yourself to using their services. You should have a dedicated computer running on your network that can be left on at all times.

2.) Leaving the computer on at all times, brings up the topic of security issues. Everyone knows that keeping a dedicated computer online leaves you more vulnerable for exploitations and computer compromise attacks. It's important that you deploy the right security software with a minimum of keeping the dedicated system behind a router.

Some of these measures may not be necessary as long as you don't need your line running 24/7 and you can live with disruptions of service with the computer is turned off.

3.) Now there is the obvious issue of network interruptions. The signal that provides upstream and downstream dial tone from Magic Jack can't be necessarily considered 100% reliable. Why is this? This is because the Internet it's self is not reliable. For instance, during peek hours you will notice slow up or hangs when your surfing the web. This is because to get to a website you request must travel through multiple servers, backbones, and other companies lines and data centers. When the requests start piling up, it's kind of like a traffic jam on the freeway. Eventually all the cars will make it through but not in the estimated time frame so to speak.

What other Magic Jack subscribers have to say:
You know just as well as I do that listening to what other people have to say can be a important factor when purchasing any kind of service right? Below are some resources I found from various websites. Keep in mind that a company as large as the one who owns Magic Jack are prone to their handful of customers who will never be satisfied or happy. Lets face it, companies make mistakes and a large company can't always keep a grip on what a handful of bad employees will do. The only thing we can really go on is a complaint over subscriber base size ratio. This is where you will have to judge your self and make a decision. Often times, dirty information can be found in a companies AUP or Terms of Service Agreement, and sometimes their FAQ or Informational web page. I would STRONGLY urge that anyone who is considering purchasing any kind of service take the time to read both of these at the very least.

Resources and information from other Magic Jack subscribers

*NOTE* has no affiliation or ties with any of the websites listed below. The information listed has been found through popular search engines.

Complaints Board
This website hosts a handful of complaints about the Magic Jack service.

DSL Reports:
This website contains mixed reviews about the service. DSL Reports a community that is fairly knowledgeable in computer and technology in my past experience. You won't find too many grandma's on here who don't know how to use a computer.

YouTube Videos:
Videos you can watch on you tube. *Video was removed as of 03/09/2010*

An investor point of view of the Magic Jack company:

Wow, Look at this!
I found this website below. From my personal opinion it looks like Magic Jack might be going out of their way to stop the bad PR that they have been recently getting. I mean how many people do you know that will spend money on a domain name, hosting, and spend so much time and effort to take a domain name like "" and twist it around where they put the blame on "Stupid Complainers"? One good thing from this, if the Magic Jack owners are involved with this, maybe their trying to get their butt in gear and clean up the company, which is a good sign! Who knows, maybe it really is someone with a passion for a product they like? You can be the judge yourself:

Important Information

1.) A understanding how to enable Magic Jack or other VoIP services to work on your other phone jack or phone outlets:

2.) A detailed step by step tutorial on actually performing the back feeding process:
I have confirmed that this process is not recommended by the Magic Jack company, per the conversation with a Live Help representative. You would be going above and beyond by trying to setup your Magic Jack in this kind of manner.

I would also suggest to anyone that is considering the service to test your Internet Service Provider speed to find out if it's capable of handling VoIP phone calls in a proper manner:

Test Your Connection Speed for VoIP Service for FREE!


If you had any Good or Bad comments about Magic Jack or anything else similar, we would love to hear from you. You can submit a comment or reply by registering a free account to this community. There are only a few fields to fill out and we protect your personal information. If anyone out there believes any of the information is incorrect, or would like to see something added, please contact us and let us know!

Love It!

I've been using magicJack now for almost a year. Mostly on a Cox connection at almost 7mbp and can't complain about my calls. In fact, the only significant connectivity issue I've experienced was during my 3 month stay in Thailand but they have but one tiny little pipe to pump a lot of data in and out of the country with and until they upgrade significantly, you're gonna have some issues across the board.