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Secret: Free secret Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tip on getting hundreds of free back links to your blog or website!

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Very good way of getting easy back links to your blog or website without much effort!

I was sitting down one day thinking of all the ways of getting back links to my website and thinking of what worked in the past and what didn't work. From all of my efforts it seemed that I always got the most results from dropping my back links on forums instead of blog comments or any other available methods. Moderators are not so fast to remove a fairly decent post on their forums because they will take about anything they can get that will attract new registration to their forums and give their current readers some new content to read. While I was thinking in my head of all the ways I could increase back links on even more forums than what I was already posting too, I thought what I really needed was to be able to do the same thing back link posting technique on forums that may not be so related to my web site, but close enough to count in SE and help out my PR and increase traffic a bit.

This is where I started thinking of what forums has to offer different from what other methods have like comment blog posting. The one thing that shot up in my head was the use of a wide range smileys like on the VBulletin Forums Script. Then I thought hey why couldn't I make a post or make a response to someone else's post and just throw 1 or 2 smiley's in there and just link the smiley's to my website? No one would even notice and it's gotta count for something when the Search Engines spider in those threads into index.

Here are some examples:

For a forum using BBC (codes).
[b]Hey, that was a really good idea that you had. Thanks for sharing! [url=]:mrgreen:[/url][/b]

For a forum using normal HTML for their links.
(HTML Bold Tag)Hey, that was a really good idea that you had. Thanks for sharing! :mrgreen:(HTML Bold Tag Closing)

What the above code above basically shows is my message but it displays the "Mr. Green" smiley face at the end linking to my website. The only way your going to even notice this is if you highlight over it and see the link in your browser window. Even if a few people do end up noticing this, they will probably not even put together what's going on. There are many other ways and methods you can use this secret to gain you more back links but I think you get the idea from my previous example above. This method that I found will work on most forums with a little bit of playing around given that the forum you are posting on has a set of smiley's to use and allow you to create a hyper link in your posts. You can even play around with this by adding it into your signature if you wanted too.

Now we all know that the best kind of back link is one where you can insert some anchor text. With this method, obviously you cannot do that but depending on what kind of forum you are posting on you could even add some kind of alt tag text to your hyper linked smiley. I can promise you that this method works and does increase traffic in the long run after a few months. Everyone knows that you get back what you put into in this business :) Good luck!

Any questions or concerns are always welcome either here as a comment, or post in our forums:

Thanks for reading and enjoy the free back links!