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How you can make your own IRC server domain or subdomain. Allow others to connect your server like!

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How to create a IRC subdomain, to work with your IRC server at home!

I have seen a few people ask me at work how they can make a subdomain that they own, and set it up so they can use it for their IRC server? This way when people connect to, it will connect to their IRC server and actually work.

There are a couple of ways to do this but the easiest way is what I will go over. This is also probably the most common way of doing this.

If you're looking for a guide on setting up a IRC Server, click the link below:

To Complete This Subdomain/Addon Domain DNS Task:

1.) You must either be on shared hosting or have a dedicated server to do this. If you have access to the DNS Zone Files of your domain, that will work as well.

2.) First you will need to create the Subdomain if you haven't done so already. Create this as you normally would whether through cPanel, Plesk, or by any other normal method you usually use to create a subdomain. People will normally call their subdomain "irc" (without quotes). Some people may be wondering if they should enable the redirection feature that comes with cPanel or similar? The answer would be NO. Leave all settings at default as you would if you were going to use the subdomain to place a website on it.

3.) Now you will need to perform the following actions, or submit a ticket request to Technical Support if your on a shared hosting plan.

Open up your DNS Zone file for your main domain name. If your using Linux on the webserver it will probably be located in /var/named. So you would run the following command open it in a text editor:

Example of opening the file:
nano /var/named/
pico /var/named/

After the file is open in a text editor, it should look something similar to mine which is listed below for viewing purposes:

=====================DNS ZONE FILE=====================

cPanel 11.18.4-RELEASE_23868
Zone file for
86400 IN SOA
2008081802 ; serial, todays date+todays
86400 ; refresh, seconds
7200 ; retry, seconds
3600000 ; expire, seconds
86400 ; minimum, seconds 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS IN A IN A IN MX 0

ftp IN CNAME IN TXT "v=spf1 ip4: a mx ptr ?all"
irc 14000 IN A
www.irc 14400 IN A

=====================DNS ZONE FILE=====================

Red Text = Lines modified within file to complete task.

4.) You will notice in the example above that I have removed the normal IP Address in the A Record pointing to [irc] and [www.irc] to the IP Address of my IRC server instead. This is what you want to change. It's easier just to setup the sub domain and change the IP in the A Record than it is to set this up from scratch, especially if your unsure what your doing in a DNS Zone file.

The above instructions should pretty much cover everything that you will need to know to do this. If anyone has any questions, you can register a free account on our website and post a reply.

Hi, I followed your tutorial

Hi, I followed your tutorial but in my zone file it looks like yours 'with' the text in red. So what do I change?